Collaboration with The Cinema Dreamer

This is the most beautiful part among my products I offer my clients. The Wedding film and the Teaser. This is done by Nilakkhya Weddings in collaboration with The Cinema Dreamer owned and run by Akhil Kumar. We both started our journey capturing weddings almost at the same time. I was into photography and he into film making. Winner of an international acclamation, Akhil captures and creates films by tastefully knitting the chemistry of the bride and the groom and the wedding events. What I really like about him is the way he aesthetically joins the dots of what the clients look for in their wedding film and his own style of creating a movie. Captured in the most candid way, what drives his films are the emotions showcased by the bride, groom and their family members. Do take a look at the works showcased here of The Cinema Dreamer in collaboration with my brand Nilakkhya Weddings and after going through the works, I'am sure you would also want your Special Day to be made in the form of a film by him. Just for a know how, If you choose this product, the entire production is taken care by Nilakkhya Weddings only, hence there is no need to contact him separately for the same.