• Nilakkhya Dutta

Pre Wedding Photography- Step by Step Planning and Execution.

In this blog, I will talk about Pre Wedding concept and the locations for the ideal shoot. Most of the times, clients are confused on which Pre Wedding location to choose, what to wear, what should be the concept etc etc. While they discuss the same with the photography team, it is then the photographer who makes the client understand on what should be ideal. Lets understand this in detail. I will break up this blog into parts on how to step by step plan for a pre wedding.

First Step - A Client's Thought Process

The first step towards planning for a pre wedding shoot should ideally be coming from the couple based on their chemistry. Some are love marriages while some are arrange. Whatever be the case, a showcase of the way the couple have grown their love should be the concept of pre wedding. This is in turn the actual definition of pre wedding where photographs and films demonstrate the love between the duo. Hence before talking to any photographer, the couple should either narrate their story of love or a concept of shoot which can showcase their chemistry at it's best.

Second Step - A Photographer's Thought Process

After the first step comes the job of the photographer to show his/her work or at least show a good understanding of the concept the couple has narrated. For eg. if the couple has said that we both love leg pulling and want to showcase it in most of the postures, then a love pose in silhouette in front of Taj Mahal might be a beautiful shot but will not go with the concept explained by the couple. Hence there should be a clear understanding of what the couple wants and whether the photographer can showcase it in the form of images he/she will create. Herein it's important for the client's too to carefully go through the work of the photographer and assess whether their concept of shoot matches with the style of pictures the photographer creates.

Third Step - Location Identification

After the expectations are set, both clients and the photographer should discuss in detail what kind of location they would want to shoot in. Here primarily the choice happens between natural outdoor locations and paid indoor/outdoor locations. If the couple are nature lovers or like forts and architecture, then ideally the plan should be for the natural outdoor locations and shoot as per the concept the couple wants. Herein another factor which plays an important role is how comfortable the couples are in outdoors. Since the shoot is done in public places and becoming conscious in public ruins the essence of the images. Hence the comfort level of the couple posing or being candid in public places should be taken into consideration.

Another choice these days are the paid indoor/outdoor locations who provide their space for shoots and most of them have artistic sets where the photographers can take pictures of the couple. This space gives complete freedom as one pays for it and hence there are no restrictions. The most important factor of being conscious in public is completely eradicated in this case.

Last Step- Deciding the Attire

Now comes the last step of deciding the attire. Primarily most photographers and couples prefer three to four outfits namely a traditional wear, a formal wear and a casual wear. Generally when shooting outdoors, couples prefer less jazzy dresses as most of the shoot is done in public places. Heavy gorgeous outfits in public places with cameras draw a lot of attention of people and hence the consciousness of couples ruins a lot of images. Whereas in indoor/outdoor paid locations, this problem is completely ruled out and hence the couples wear dresses comfortable to them.

Hence these step by step planning and processing techniques of a Pre Wedding shoot ideally brings out the pictures and videos at it's best without a hassle both satisfactorily to the photographer and the clients. Just to summarize, the clients should narrate their concepts clearly and hire a photographer who could match their expectations.

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