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Onakshi (Onkar and Deepanshi)

As most of my weddings are referral based, I got this wedding deal through one of the referrals of a friend of whose sister's wedding I covered in 2013. When I met the couple for the first time, I was really impressed with Onkar's cute smile and Deepanshi's innocence. Asking them their story on how they met and what's the story of their journey till their wedding, made me more close to them and covering their wedding hence became a cake walk for me during the course of events. Lets see of their images from their Engagement event which happened at Tivoli Royal Court of Okhla, New Delhi and then we can talk of their wedding story.

Though it was a typical Delhi Punjabi wedding with a loud say out of an event, but looking deep into it, I saw a lot of emotional happiness flowing all around. Blessings from elders and a lot of affection from the younger ones characterized the entire course of events.

Moving on further, the families also had two kirtan ceremonies for their respective houses in a nearby temple. Oh, did I forgot to tell you that both the bride and groom are neighbors. Yes, they stay at a walking distance. Will come to their love story at a later stage, but lets first see few of the images from their home based Kirtan and Mehandi ceremonies.

The above events took place just some day prior to the Wedding Day. Wedding Day morning, as it happens with each wedding, the Haldi ceremonies took place in the morning at both the respective houses. Some rituals like application of Haldi on the bride and the groom along with a ceremony called "Gharoli" in which the Sister in Law brings in water from the temple to bathe the bride and groom with it characterized the event. Below are some it's images.

Then came the Wedding Evening, the most important of all events wherein all the rituals to tie their final knot happened. So Deepanshi and Onkar dated being neighbors for 10 years after which they finally got married. As it says, some love stories are made in heaven and bound to be successful, this was one of them. Some of the Wedding Evening images are as follows-

Last but not the least, they got a Pre Wedding shoot also done to which Onkar was completely against, but Deepanshi made him do it and it was a wonderful day out. Do check out some it's images.

Ending their story with the small teaser we made for them for the Wedding event. Hope you like it. Give a like to the blog post if you enjoyed the pictures and for any query for covering your Wedding functions, do call me on 9717960028 or mail at

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