• Nilakkhya Dutta

Importance of Rituals on the Wedding Day

Be it any scale, theme or mood of Wedding, it is incomplete without the rituals which are carried out from time immemorial of tying the knot of the bride and the groom on the Wedding Day. So what I'll cover here is what works best when we talk of rituals both for the photographer/video guys and the clients.

A scene of Kanya Daan

The most beautiful part of covering any ritual is that it's more or less candid because the family members primarily follow what the priests guide them through during that time and focus less on posing for a picture. But what generally is missed out is the essence of the ritual being covered. For eg. in the above image, there are a lot of elements being shown as it's a wide shot. When my client is looking at this image, they would know that I have covered the ritual of "Kanya Daan". But at the same time, if I would have just clicked the bride or the groom as a close up shot during this time, would my client be able to assess that it's a "Kanya Daan" shot. Now this is one point which needs to be kept in mind while covering any ritual. Be it candid or posed, if one is not able to showcase which ritual is taking place while covering it, then the point is lost of covering the same.

Close up shot during a Ritual of the Couple

On the contrary, talking about what works for close up shots of couples during the rituals. Here we can talk of moments when the bride and the groom look at each other or crack a joke and smile. Also on the other hand, sometimes tears also roll down the bride's and her family member's eyes and capturing them makes the photographs and videos stand out. So all in all, a few wide shots showcasing which ritual is being covered and a few close ups of the moments where the emotions flow out should be the ideal combination during the time of rituals. I personally believe that candid photographs of this aspect works wonders.

Puffed Rice in the hands of the Bride

Another aspect which works really well while covering any ritual are the fine details which hold a relevance in any wedding ritual. For eg., the puffed rice being given to fire, the sindoor, the mangalsutra, etc. One needs to keep in mind that if the element covered of a ritual doesn't tell a story, then that image doesn't work.

Now the ritual affair in any wedding must be covered with keeping in mind the culture and the customs the families follow. For eg. A Marwari family, A family from eastern UP or a family from Bihar carry out a lot of rituals and covering them becomes extremely important while on the other hand, the rituals in a Punjabi Wedding, A Christian Wedding or a Nikaah are less and the photographers and video guys have some respite in this case.

A Garland Exchange Scene

Lastly apart from the major ritual of Pheras when the actual wedding happens, other important ritual to cover is the "Garland Exchange" after both Bride and the Groom are on the stage. After covering the entry of Groom in the form of Baraat and entry of Bride under the bed of flowers or similar as per custom, the ritual of Garland Exchange happens. Herein we see mostly wide shots either showcasing the grandeur of the stage or the laughs and smiles of the family members. In all it's an extremely enjoyable scene and good photographs and videos are both a treat for the artists creating it and the clients.

So summarizing it, both the clients while hiring and the photographers and video guys when being hired should keep in mind the above points while talking of the wedding day rituals. All other pictures are important, but these moments if not covered properly doesn't complete the main essence of Wedding.

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