• Nilakkhya Dutta

Ideal Number of Crew Members for a Wedding Event

Now this is a question every client asks that how many photographers, video persons and film makers are going to be there for the coverage of their wedding events. In this blog, I'll write what all factors attribute in deciding the number of members for the event.

1. Products Chosen by the Client-

Majorly the products offered by the production team for wedding event coverage comprises of candid photography, traditional photography, traditional video and films. In some cases, the print stall of photographs are also offered. So if we consider one member each of every product offered along with their assistants who hold lights and help out with the equipment for them, the count can be determined. But again one member of each product doesn't actually suffice which further depends on the second factor mentioned below.

2. Guest Count

More the guest count, more is the requirement of the crew members for a proper coverage. For eg. if the guest count is around 1000 for a particular function, then the number of photographers and video guys required should be at least 3 or more of each for a detailed coverage. This is further linked to size of the venue because no clients would want more photographers and video guys disturbing the scene. Again the requirement is further attributed to the next factor which is explained.

3. Client's Requirement

Now whatever be the guest count and the scale of a wedding, the actual requirement depends on what client's require. For eg. if clients say that we just require pictures and videos of us and the immediate family members and out of 1000 guests whosoever comes on the stage only for a picture. Rest is not required. Then one candid photographer, one traditional photographer and one video guy is sufficient. But if in the same case, clients say that we want a detailed coverage of all the people attending, then some 4 traditional photographers, 4 video guys are required with 2 candid photographers. Now this is further attributed to the last point explained further which also determines the crew count.

4. Product Differentiation as per the production team

Now for any function, when the clients have specified, what is the guest count and what kind of coverage they want for the guests attending the function, then comes the job of the production team to make the clients understand on what they offer. For eg. whatever be the the number of guests, in any function, the candid photographer of a particular brand only focuses on the bride and the groom and the rituals and emotions revolving around them. Same is focused by the film maker. Whereas the traditional photographers and video guys only take of people and their coverage. Then in an event of lets say 1000 guests, one candid photographer, one film maker are sufficient as they only revolve around the couple whereas more traditional photographers and video guys are employed for the rest of the coverage which in turn depends upon what the clients want.

Hence to summarize, all the four points described above are interlinked and decides the crew member count for any event. I hope this blog now helps both the clients and the production teams to determine the crew size to cover the functions.

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