It all began in 2012 when I picked up the camera and the corporate job started to feel out of the box. I was not sure in the beginning whether to call it a passion for the camera or a passion for creating something different. The concept of candid photography at that time was slowly entering into the North Indian Wedding Scenes. 

I asked myself that if I get into Wedding photography, what would I like to do in Weddings? Just take pictures like everyone does be it candid or posed? Honestly speaking I got my answers while covering my first two weddings. I was astounded to see the rituals the families followed with allegiance and the emotions they showcased while adhering to those rituals. I got my style of captures and went ahead to cover more than 300 weddings by 2020. But off-course realized that it's not just the rituals that had to be covered but also a lot of other elements. 


Then came building up a strong team which can cater to client needs and understand their requirements and serve them. The growth prospered and now I have a team size which can cater to any scale of Wedding and it's theme and mood. Moreover with a rich experience and my curiosity for rituals, we cover Weddings keeping in mind the importance of the culture the clients follow. Though I have been showcased by various platforms in the past, but I personally give least priority to my esteem. My brand is purely focused on client servicing and we work with a smile on our faces throughout.

Talking about my background, I'am an Economics graduate and my last job has been with Hindustan Times in their Education arena. Apart from Weddings, I also have my travel website where I showcase my landscape and travel photography works and talk about some mythological inferences of the same namely www.travelwithnilakkhya.com.